In-Store Same Day Service

In-Store Same Day Service

Same day service has been the most asked subject left by our clients. In order to clarify details on same day service, we have listed the current guidelines. 

- Same day service refers to services pertaining to custom jewelry.

- Currently, the only custom jewelry we are able to finish in a single day is grillz.

- We must process your order before 12:00 PM. This means we must have you molded before 12:00 pm. Depending on the store, same day service can be extended. Please give us a call to verify if same day store has been extended. Your product will be completed and delivered before closing. Store hours vary by the location.

- Applicable only for block and solid series. Handsets take longer and will not be applicable for same day service.

- In-store Purchases only 

- Same day service costs are dependent on location. For more information, please call or visit our Houston or Memphis locations.

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